Featured an opening in-ring segment where Vince McMahon praised the troops for their efforts and said they were being largely ignored by the media in the States. He then introduced Lilian Garcia who sang "The Star Spangled Banner". Included footage of the WWE superstars visiting Ramstein Air Force Base and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center on their way to Afghanistan. Featured a video package on the high number of land mines positioned in the area. Included footage of WWE World Champion John Cena and WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus holding a press conference for Afghan TV. Featured footage of MSNBC's Rita Cosby documenting the WWE's tour, with comments from Rita, JBL, Triple H, and Vince McMahon. Cosby was later shown in attendance of the show. Also included video montages of the tour set to "You and Me" by Lifehouse and "Right Here Waiting" by Staind; featured a commercial for the following week's Raw where Kurt Angle would make a major announcement. Included a video package on some of the soldiers killed in the line of duty, also featured a closing video package set to Scott Stapp's "You Set Me Free":


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