The Tough Crazy Bastards was a professional wrestling tag team in Combat Zone Wrestling. The team consists of Necro Butcher and Toby Klein, although CZW owner Zandig has stood in for Necro Butcher.


Although both Necro and Toby were fairly well established characters in various promotions before they first teamed up, their partnership led to them capturing the CZW World Tag Team Championship, before entering the 6 man tag match main event at CZW Cage of Death 7 (on December 10, 2005) alongside Joker against Zandig (before they were regular teammates) and the H8 Club (Nick Gage and Justice Pain).

October 21, 2006 saw the debut of the Tough Crazy Bastards in IWA Mid-South in the main event at Night 3 of the 10th Anniversary Show, defeating Mitch Page & Bull Pain.

On November 4, 2006, the Tough Crazy Bastards entered the IWA Mid South Double Death Tag Tournament, eventually losing in the final to the team of Baka Gaijin (Mad Man Pondo and 2 Tuff Tony) in a No Rope Barbed Wire, Cactus Caribbean Spider Webs Death Match in which both Necro and Toby wrestled barefoot. They would later appear at Winter Wars 2007 on January 27, 2007, in a failed attempt to capture the IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship from Ian Rotten and Mickie Knuckles.

The Tough Crazy Bastards name would later be used at CZW Redemption on March 10, 2007, when Zandig and Toby Klein teamed up to take on Mitch Ryder and DJ Hyde in a tag team No Rope Barbed Wire Match.

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  • "Whatever the Fuck I Feel Like Hearing"
  • "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • "Metal Health" by Quiet Riot

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