Total Bellas is an American reality television series that premiered on October 5, 2016, on E!. The series is a spin-off of Total Divas and gives viewers a further look into the lives of Brie and Nikki Bella, along with their immediate family and their partners, Daniel Bryan and John Cena respectively.


On April 20, 2016, it was announced via E! Online that Brie and Nikki Bella would be getting a spin-off show entitled Total Bellas. The show revolves around the lives of the twins and their family. Filming for the first season was set in Tampa, Florida as Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan moved in with Nikki Bella and John Cena to help Nikki after her neck surgery. Brie and Nikki's brother JJ and his wife Lauren had a recurring role along with their mother Kathy Colace and her now husband John Laurinaitis.

On November 16, 2016, it was announced that E! renewed the show for a second season. The second season was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona as Nikki Bella and John Cena move in with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan to help Brie through her first pregnancy. In addition to Brie's growing baby bump, the new season will document Daniel's travels under his new role as General Manager of WWE's SmackDown Live.

On January 30, 2018, it was announced that a third season would be premiering in spring of 2018. On April 5, 2018, the premiere date for the third season was announced, airing on May 20, 2018.

On August 7, 2018, E! and WWE announced that Total Bellas had been renewed for a fourth season. On November 28, 2018, it was announced that the fourth season would premiere on January 13, 2019.


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Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 6  ()October 5, 2016  ()November 9, 2016
2 8  ()September 6, 2017  ()October 25, 2017
3 10  ()May 20, 2018  ()July 29, 2018
4 10  ()January 13, 2019  ()March 24, 2019

Season 1 (2016)

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 The Cena House Rules October 5, 2016 0.63 Brie and Daniel Bryan move into John Cena's home to care for Nicole after her surgery in the series premiere of this Total Divas spin-off, which offers a glimpse into Brie and Nikki Bella's life outside the ring with their significant others and family. John's strict house rules have the new guests walking on eggshells to keep him happy.
2 2 Quickie Fix October 12, 2016 0.75 A sex rut causes a relationship strain for Brie and Bryan and a bored Nicole takes it upon herself to come up with an idea to help the couple out of their dry spell. Meanwhile, tensions rise as John Laurinaitis tells the men about his prenup plans with Kathy.
3 3 Who's the Boss? October 19, 2016 0.62 Nicole is determined to help Bryan figure out his next steps after retirement and JJ feels under-appreciated and considers quitting his job at Kathy's company to pursue a career in wrestling.
4 4 Bryan's Breaking Point October 26, 2016 0.63 Bryan reaches his breaking point and storms out of the Cena house after getting caught in the middle of an argument between Nikki and Brie. In other happenings, the ladies go on a vacation to celebrate Kathy's upcoming nuptials.
5 5 Bella Family Secrets November 2, 2016 0.53 Nikki questions whether Brie is making the right decision putting Bryan before her career; and a potentially life-altering secret comes to light.
6 6 Wedding Mania November 9, 2016 0.66 Emotions run high in the days leading up to Kathy and Johnny's wedding as Season 1 draws to a close. Also: Brie deals with mixed feelings as she prepares for her retirement WrestleMania match.

Season 2 (2017)

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers
7 1 A Desert Dilemma September 6, 2017 0.68 A decision that could affect the family is left in Nicole and John's hands; J.J. and Lauren take some time apart, and Brie poses nude for her maternity shoot, which Bryan feels uncomfortable with.
8 2 Marital Mayhem September 13, 2017 0.55 Nikki has concerns when J.J. wants to get advice from John about his marital problems, and Brie gives Bryan a feel of what it's like to give birth.
9 3 Who's Your Mama? September 20, 2017 0.57 Lauren and J.J. embark on counseling to fix their marriage; Bryan is skeptical with his and Brie's registry that comes to a dis-invite from the baby shower, and Nicole tries to fulfill her loneliness by gaining custody over her dog, Winston.
10 4 Power Struggle September 27, 2017 0.56 Nicole and John embark on a new storyline together for the first time in their careers; Kathy's sex life surprises her kids, and a legal matter sends the family for a loop.
11 5 Wine About It October 4, 2017 0.53 The launch of the new Bella wine has Bryan disapproving Brie tasting the wine while pregnant; J.J. ends up injuring Nicole, and Kathy has a breakdown.
12 6 The Wrong Move October 11, 2017 0.55 The results of a DNA test constructed by Bryan leaves everyone shocked; J.J. gets into a bet about gaining more followers on social media, and Nicole's WrestleMania match with John is left to be questioned after an injury scare.
13 7 Countdown to Mania October 18, 2017 0.56 Nicole is determined to get back in the ring in time for WrestleMania; J.J. decides to renew his vows with Lauren, while Brie and Bryan get things in order before the birth of their daughter.
14 8 Bella-Mania October 25, 2017 0.67 Nicole embarks on the journey to what could be her last WrestleMania match; John asks Nicole a huge question, while Brie and Bryan welcome their daughter into the world.

Season 3 (2018)

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers
15 1 Have You Cena? May 20, 2018 0.51 The family relocates to San Diego; Brie's dream of being Wonder Woman hangs in the balance after missing out on important milestones in Birdie's life; and Nikki faces the fact that being Mrs. Cena means not ever becoming a mom.
16 2 What to Expect When You're Not Expecting May 27, 2018 0.50 Nikki is finally cleared to wrestle again. Brie is eager to start training for their comeback, but Nikki finds herself distracted with unexpected emotions and uncertainty about her future as Mrs. Cena.
17 3 What Comes Up, Must Go Down June 3, 2018 0.65 After calling off the wedding, Nicole is forced to figure out if she made the right choice; Brie and Daniel finally find a home in San Diego, and The Bella Twins are reunited on the 25th Anniversary of Raw
18 4 The Bella Comeback June 10, 2018 0.73 Brie and Nicole focus on their big comeback to the WWE in the first ever women's Royal Rumble match, while Kathy ventures on becoming a weather woman for a day.
19 5 Make Up or Break Up? June 17, 2018 0.72 After the news of their break up goes public, Nikki is caught off guard and confused by John Cena when he drops a life-altering bombshell to try to win her back. Meanwhile, Brie and Bryan pack up their home in Phoenix and leave Birdie with babysitter Nikki who is determined to show Brie how to be Supermom.
20 6 Once Again the Future Mrs. Cena June 24, 2018 0.66 With the wedding back on, Nikki is flustered about who to choose to walk her down the isle, while Brie and Bryan try desperately to spend some time alone.
21 7 Save the Date 3 July 8, 2018 0.72 Brie goes overboard with her spending; Bryan and Kathy try to deal with their anxieties together, and Nicole tries to finalize her wedding before the deadline.
22 8 A Bella Bachelorette July 15, 2018 0.59 Nikki plans the bachelorette of her dreams with her family and friends in Paris fit for a classy queen; however, Brie has other plans to liven up the party. Meanwhile, Nikki tries to hide her emotions and anxiety from the rest of the ladies about her upcoming wedding to John Cena.
23 9 Paris Bachelorette Part Deux July 22, 2018 0.61 Brie and Lauren's masquerade ball breaks a few rules Nicole had enforced about her bachelorette party; J.J. and Kathy enjoy the city of Paris, and Bryan shares life changing news regarding his wrestling career in the WWE.
24 10 Follow Your Heart July 29, 2018 0.62 Bryan makes his in-ring return at WrestleMania 34; Brie plays supporter for both her husband and sister, and Nicole comes to a decision about her relationship with John.

Season 4 (2019)

No. in series No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers
25 1 Bellas Are Back In Action January 13, 2019 0.51 On the Season Premiere of Total Bellas, the Bella twins are back, but life couldn't be any more complicated with these sisters. With Nicole's new single lifestyle and wanting to start fresh in LA and Brie and Bryan trying for a second baby, they have to face the fact that they are in two different places in their lives. While their frustrations with each other begin to affect their relationship, they receive a phone call that will force them to put aside their differences to make history.
26 2 Bellas And The City January 20, 2019 0.46 The Bellas start their huge comeback at SummerSlam in NYC ringside with Ronda Rousey! Struggling to be in the spotlight once again amongst the younger, perkier female superstars, Brie goes behind Bryan's back and meets with a plastic surgeon to enhance her flat chest and feel like her young, sexy self again. Meanwhile, a newly single Nicole is surprised to find that a family dinner turns out to be a blind date with a hot, younger model.
27 3 Troublemaker January 27, 2019 0.45 Nicole is determined to break the rules and revamp her lifestyle; Brie faces the emotional challenge of leaving Birdie for the first time to go on the road with Bryan for their new WWE storyline.
28 4 It's My Life February 10, 2019 0.39 Nicole goes behind Brie's back to rekindle her chemistry with her "Dancing With the Stars" partner, Artem; Brie is upset that Nicole is training with Ronda Rousey without her and Bryan; Brie makes two major mistakes.
29 5 The Big Mistake February 17, 2019 0.42 The Bellas overload their schedule the week of their first ever Birdiebee fashion show and an overwhelmed Brie cancels on an appearance a day before, leaving Nicole frustrated that she needs to pick up the slack. However, all of this exhaustion takes a toll on Brie when she makes one of the biggest mistakes of her career in the ring and accidentally injures her opponent, leaving her questioning why she made this comeback at all.
30 6 The First Date February 24, 2019 0.42 Brie becomes emotional and overwhelmed by the backlash she receives on social media since accidentally injuring Liv Morgan in the ring, leaving her wondering if she has taken on more than she can handle. Meanwhile, Nicole takes the plunge and agrees to go on a date with Peter Kraus and is pleasantly surprised by their immediate connection during their romantic night together.
31 7 When a Good Girl's Gone Bad March 3, 2019 Nicole reaches an all-time high in her career when she's asked to be the Main Event at the first-ever women's pay-per-view, Evolution. Brie is shocked to find out that she will be by Nicole's side as just her valet, which makes her wonder if the world is telling her to hang up her boots once and for all. Meanwhile, Bryan struggles to balance his life on the road as a WWE Superstar with his passion in setting an eco-friendly example for their daughter, and is ready to make some tough decisions.
32 8 Road to Evolution March 10, 2019 0.44 With the first ever Women's Pay-Per-View just weeks away, Nicole and Ronda Rousey's publicized in-ring feud sparks a fire in Nicole that she's never felt before. Meanwhile, Brie drops a bombshell on her sister and her family with some news nobody saw coming.
33 9 Women Take Center Stage March 17, 2019 0.39 The first-ever Women's Pay-Per-View, Evolution, is finally here. The Bellas take New York by storm with their media appearances and a Bella Army-filled pep rally. Nicole is determined to show the world what she is made of in her historic Main Event match against Ronda Rousey, while Brie finds the courage to speak out against the bullying she faced this past year.
34 10 The Evolution of the Bellas March 24, 2019 0.44 his was a year of change for the Bella Twins, and in true Bella fashion they head to Napa Valley to reflect before they move apart and continue on their separate journeys for once in their lives. While Brie is ready for a calmer life with hopes of another baby, Nicole, done playing it safe, finally spreads her wings into the arms of a new love interest.


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