Team What the Funk (which can be appreviated as Team WTF) recently renamed Tons of Funk were a professional wrestling tag team in WWE, consisting of Tensai, Brodus Clay and their Valets, The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi.


The team's name was coined by Matt Striker at the Elimination Chamber 2013 pre-show. The "Team" part was modelled after the tag team champions Team Hell No and their former rivals Team Rhodes Scholars who Clay and Tensai were facing that night.

The "What the" aspect was based on everyone's surprise when Tensai came out wearing lingeree, and "Funk" is based on Brodus Clay's theme as the Funkasaurus. This is also the name of one of Brodus' finishing maneuvers though.


Prior to becoming a tag team, Clay and Tensai had a match against each other. Tensai had spun a "lingeree match" on January 28th's Raw Roulette, but this was changed to a dance-off challenge. Brodus promised to tell Tensai about the change in the match's stipulation, but he did not, causing Tensai to come out in lingeree and be a laughingstock.

In spite of this, Tensai did choose to participate in the dance-off challenge, creating a sense of friendship between the two (as well as the Funkadactyls).

On February 8th's Smackdown Brodus came to Tensai's aid after the rest of 3MB interfered in Tensai's singles match against Drew McIntyre.

They defeated Primo and Epico on Feb 11th's Raw, then 3MB on Feb 15th's Smackdown (though they were assaulted by The Shield after this).

They also beat the Rhodes Scholars on February 17 at the Elimination Chamber 2013 pre-show in a "Boogie versus Brains" match.

The end of Tons of Funk started at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, when Brodus insulted Tensai, causing Tensai and the Funkadactyls to leave Brodus. The following night at RAW, Brodus attacked Tensai after their match signifying the end of their team.

In wrestling

  • Tensai's finishing moves
  • Brodus' finishing moves
    • ICU / Splat (Running Splash) (2011–present)
    • Fall of Humanity' / Ah Funk It / What The Funk? (Running Crossbody) (2011–present)
  • Nicknames
    • "big man heaven" - Anthony Benigno
    • "dancing duo" - Michael Burdick
    • "Boogie", "immense duo"
    • "Dancing Bears", "Team What the Funk" - Matt Striker
    • "better dancers", "discoing duo", "two behemoths" - Zack Linder

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