Tod Gordon (June 19, 1955) is the founder of former wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. He owned the promotion until it was sold to his head booker Paul Heyman in 1996.

ECW Commisioner and Departure

After the sale, Gordon remained in ECW as a figure-head commissioner. He was also in a feud with manager Bill Alfonso. At one point, the ECW booker Paul Heyman and several wrestlers in the locker room had suspicions of Gordon being an inside mole to help talent find jobs in World Championship Wrestling. Heyman and Gordon put together this storyline on the spot. His absence was explained on-air that he retired from wrestling due to increasing pressures of family life and running a small business.

After ECW

After ECW, Gordon booked Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling and founded Xtreme Fight Club.

Gordon is involved with Pro Wrestling Unplugged and on their September 20, 2006, second anniversary event, Gordon was announced as their new owner.

On April 19, 2008, Pro Wrestling Unplugged held a farewell show for Todd Gordon.


Gordon has two daughters and a son, Alexandra, Rebecca, and Charlie Gordon. Tod has been married twice. He is currently single. He owns the pawnbroker shop Carver W. Reed. He is a past President of The Pennsylvania State Pawnbroker's Association. He is also a past President of The Variety Club, an international charity serving children with disabilities.

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