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The Times Union Center is an indoor arena, located in Albany, New York, that can fit from 6,000-17,500 people, with a maximum seating capacity of 15,500, for sporting events. The building, designed by Crozier Associates, engineered by Clough Harbour & Associates and built by Beltrone/MLB at a cost of $68.6 million. The arena also has 25 luxury suites, each having 16 seats, cable T.V., private bathroom, and private refrigerator, and are located at the top of the inner bowl. Suites are rented on a three-year lease basis (suites are currently sold out). The arena was opened on January 30, 1990 as the Knickerbocker Arena, with a performance by Frank Sinatra. The naming rights of the arena were sold to Pepsi in 1997 and it was known as Pepsi Arena from 1997-2006. In May 2006, the naming rights were sold to the Times Union, a regional newspaper, and the name of the arena became the Times Union Center on January 1, 2007. The building is managed by SMG. It is within walking distance from the city's Greyhound bus station, as well as being close to hotels, bars and restaurants. Current tenants include Siena College's men's basketball team, the Albany Devils, of the AHL and the Albany Firebirds (formerly Albany Conquest), of af2. Previous tenants have included the Indiana Firebirds, of the AFL, the Albany Patroons, of the CBA, the Albany Choppers, of the IHL, the Albany River Rats, of the AHL, the Albany Attack, of the NLL and the New York Kick, of the NPSL II. The University at Albany has used the facility for past games against Syracuse University and has been approached to use the facility for some dates in the future in the wake of their participation in the 2006 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. The Times Union Center also regularly hosts exhibition games of major sports leagues. The NBA, WNBA and NHL have all played games at the arena. With the New Jersey Devils' AHL franchise relocating to this arena, the arena is set to receive a new scoreboard, LED ribbons above the luxury suites and new outside lighting during the summer of 2010.


Date Event Attendance
January 19, 1992 Royal Rumble 17,000
October 22, 2000 No Mercy 14,342
January 8, 2006 New Year's Revolution 11,000

Television Programs

Date Event
December 30, 1996 RAW
January 6, 1997 RAW
January 13, 1997 RAW
September 29, 1997 RAW
March 30, 1998 RAW
December 28, 1998 RAW
March 22, 1999 RAW
September 9, 1999 SmackDown
July 17, 2000 RAW
March 19, 2001 RAW
November 15, 2001 SmackDown
April 1, 2002 RAW
January 23, 2003 SmackDown
October 23, 2003 SmackDown
June 7, 2004 RAW
March 3, 2005 SmackDown
June 20, 2006 ECW
June 23, 2006 SmackDown
August 28, 2007 ECW
August 31, 2007 SmackDown
April 7, 2008 RAW
November 28, 2008 SmackDown
December 5, 2008 SmackDown
September 28, 2009 RAW
August 31, 2010 NXT
September 3, 2010 SmackDown
December 27, 2010 RAW
April 12, 2011 NXT
April 15, 2011 Smackdown
September 24, 2012 RAW
March 6, 2013 Main Event
March 8, 2013 SmackDown
May 5, 2014 RAW
November 7, 2014 SmackDown
April 20, 2015 RAW
October 1, 2015 SmackDown
May 21, 2018 RAW
May 23, 2018 Main Event
May 19, 2019 RAW
May 21, 2019 Main Event

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