• Ring of Honor Wrestling and Destination America announced that ROH will be debuting on the network starting next week on Wednesday June 3. Interesting is that TNA already announced that it is moving to Wednesday night too, have Lucha Underground during that night too and WWE NXT. So we would have LU, NXT, ROH and TNA all in one night on wednesday.

    How do you feel about ROH coming to the network on TV?

    I have never seen ROH before really so just wanna ask is that should I watch it next week?

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    • Well, I think this means more of the end for TNA.. it's already come out that they are being cancelled at the end of September by Destination America and now that they brought in another company, I am extremely skeptical of their chances.

      How do I feel about ROH coming to a better channel? Fantastic, I used to watch ROH when it was on HDNET regularly and thought it was pretty good. Then it moved to Sinclair and I didn't even realize that they showed it in my area until probably a few weeks ago and it's on at like 12 AM at night. I do think that Wednesdays are going to be ridiculous crowded with wrestling right now.

      Something to keep in mind if you do watch ROH, the production values aren't necessarily the greatest and could definitely use work. Hopefully this is something that Destination America will improve on with them. But yea, I definitely say at least give it a chance.

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