• If WWE Summer 2014 has shown us or taught any of us anything about the WWE, it is that no one's job is safe and secure (unless of course your last name is McMahon). The 2014 summer saw the release of over a dozen WWE employees, mostly wrestlers and in my opinion, that will continue into this year also. The following features a list of individuals who I believe have numbered days left in the WWE.

    • Cesaro - An individual who started with a initial push but now appears to have no solid place in the WWE for which writers and managements can articulate on air. Even Vince McMahon has weighed in with his misgivings about Cesaro's weak points such as lack of connection with the crowd, among other comments shared by Mr. McMahon. Despite what or how Triple H feels about Cesaro's future and promise as a mainstay in the WWE, I feel that when Daddy Vince says a wrestler's a no-go then that's a heavy hint right there in itself. I sincerely hope Cesaro's invested his money well and has a reserve flight ticket for home. And seeing him in constant tag team matches with a very unlikely partner in Tyson Kidd, is a sign of a declining foothold in the roster standings. I see 2015 being the last year for Cesaro.
    • Big E - A promising young powerhouse who I felt was coming into his own after paying his dues as a heavy to Dolph Ziggler before breaking out on his own. He was given Intercontinental Championship gold after beating it off the waist of a now ghost-wrestler named Curtis Axel (anyone else remember him? Where's he at?) Now, he has been reduced to a three-man stable of buffoons known as The New Day. I see only dark days for Big E. This is appears to me more like a desperate gesture to keep his place in the company along with two jobber-class wrestlers. I look to see Big E being handed a "BIG P" as in Pink slip sometime this year. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 00:49, February 14, 2015 (UTC))
    • Ryback - I remember this monstrous brute back in 2004, when he was part of the $1,000,000 Tough Enough. Then he vanished, undergoing more training. Then he returned several years later under the name of Ryback. I was always interested in seeing where this powerhouse could go. I saw the pushes towards higher-caliber matchups and feuds, including his 2013 feuds with Mark Henry and John Cena (as a face against Henry and then a heel against Cena). Then he joined Paul Heyman and thus became a Paul Heyman Guy, teaming with Heyman's other protégé Curtis Axel. After that, he didn't really do much else. Actually I'll say the writers and management didn't do much else with Ryback and let him fade into obscurity in the WWE roster. I believed Ryback to be worthy of main event-caliber matches and title shots. I feel Ryback's being wasted in the WWE and ought to consider seeking opportunities in other promotions who are more open-minded. Or it may be that Ryback may also see 2015 as his last year in WWE. He's been reduced to minimal match-screen time, usually being beaten down or cheated out of victories, no major feuds or title opportunities. I sadly see WWE feeding Mr. "Feed Me More" an unwanted Pink Slip helping. (01:37, February 15, 2015 (UTC))
    • Curtis Axel - I first remember him as Michael McGillicutty, a rather goof-ball of a wrestling personality, leading to why I called him at that time "Silly Puddy" because of that goofy gimmick and soft exterior. Then he had what I call a "Lance Storm" moment and wanted to "be serious for just moment" by returning later as Curtis Axel, harder and more serious in his career and drive to be "Better Than Perfect". But quite quickly, all steam was exhausted in his push, even as the Intercontinental Champion. Now he appears to just be a first or mid-card talent or what I sometimes call a "filler" during shows. I feel Hennig, 3rd-Generation wrestler and all that, will finish out a rather [opinion-only] "imperfect" WWE career with a release notice sometime this year.
    • Jack Swagger - This tall, goofy-looking [at first appearance], brute was an unlikely keeper during the late 2000s entering the 2010s. I didn't warm up to this young Oklahoma native because of his appearance and lack of what I felt to be originality. I believed him to be more of a Kurt Angle imitator with his "All American American" gimmick. Reading into his history, it was Jim Ross who met him and gave him contact info to get in touch with the WWE when he graduated from high school. Okay, that's fine and great. But I didn't think it was the best scouting by ol' J.R. I found his overall appearance not aesthetically-pleasing for promotional and gimmick purposes, granted he's one of the tallest men I remembered seeing coming into the WWE during the late 2000s (6'7" 265 lbs), but it was not the kind of physique power that wrestling tops such as Triple H, The Rock, Ultimate Warrior, Batista or even the late Chris Benoit (to name a few), presented to the ring during their days. His wrestling arsenal was limited I felt. For all his size, I pictured him using more power moves to secure more victories rather than time-testing maneuvers such as the submission hold ankle lock (again, Angle/Shamrock imitation in that regard). My initial point with Swagger is that this was a man, who I did follow, despite not being one of my favorite wrestlers. I can however, respect his time and wrestling service with the WWE, which is why he makes my list of "To Gos". Swagger had one last feud in the form of a "America vs. Russia" theme with Rusev (the Russian impersonator). After losing several times to Rusev, it is clear to me that Swagger's days as being a heel or a face, are moot and very much numbered now. I look to see a 2015 update sometime, reading that Swagger has been released, by choice, or for budgetary reasons. He has had no more title reigns, title shots or any quality feuds. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 18:04, February 18, 2015 (UTC))
                        ---This List is Still On-Going---
                         ---    More Names To Follow   ---
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    • Boy, I really hope none of these people go. Like them both so much.

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    • I hope nobody gets "future endeavored" either, but I wouldn't be surprised to see another post-WrestleMania "Spring Cleaning" this year.

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    • I'm almost certain there'll be another mass dismissal of staff and roster members. The company's not doing so well, money-generating-wise. I fear they are desperate to save and/or generate as much as they possibly can, given WWE's current circumstances. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 14:11, February 26, 2015 (UTC))

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