• This is an on-going list of individuals only in my opinion, are the most likely to be released by WWE between the remainder of this year, or the following year in 2015. This list is in no way intended to bash or flame any particular talents. It is only an observation of certain people employed by the WWE, who likely will be cut soon.

    • Sheamus: Sheamus has come a long ways during his continued time with the company. He achieved a considerable level of popularity, especially as a face. He presented a gentle giant persona which appeals on screen with fans of all ages, and had a decent run in the marketing capacity of the business, appearing in commercials and shooting promos for WWE merchandise. Nowadays, Sheamus carries championship gold in the form of the WWE United States Championship. Despite being championship-caliber, Sheamus has had little in the way of main event pushes and quality feuds. It is only reason to believe that the WWE will consider releasing him soon.
    • Jack Swagger: Jack Swagger, is still not one of my top favorites, but I respect his work and the years he has put into the business thus far. Because of this, I hold more respect for him than I do for the more up-and-coming Rusev. I remember how Swagger first came onto the scene more or less a "goof". Then he was featured more in main event matches, eventually winning titles such as the (WWE) ECW Championship and other notable singles titles. Then he disappeared and came back, repackaged as the Real American. I remember how much of a push the company put into Swagger until 2013/2014. Now I see Swagger, the alleged American hero, losing to the likes of a newbie whose Russian gimmick is a floundering failure (not to mention a bad angle that WWE needs to discontinue) who has not truly proven his skills or a reason for why he should have more of a push over Swagger. Altogether, I see a decline in Swagger's appearances and in-ring significance. He has apparently become less than a mid-card wrestler and more of a jobber. It may be wiser for Swagger to accept a release to pursue work in a promotion that will offer him better opportunities. It would seem his only opportunity is to be released this year or sometime next year.
    • Fandango: Fandango, the alleged dancing guru in pro wrestling, received such hype during his debut year in 2012. Despite the supposed draw that fans had towards him, chanting or humming along his theme music, Fandango was never featured in any high-caliber matches. Rather, he was traded off like a dance partner, from rival-to-rival in very short-lived storylines. His addition to the Total Divas cast did little to enhance his career status. And it should be noted that after his last storyline with his dance partners Layla and Summer Rae, in an alleged triangle, Fandango has not been seen since July of 2014. It would only be sensible to release Fandango before the year is out. If WWE writers can no longer include him in any storylines, then he should not be wasting the company's money, being paid for nothing.
    • Adam Rose: Adam Rose, I first remember as Leo Kruger. I remember also he had been on NXT for the longest time before coming on board the main roster under his repackaged gimmick of Adam Rose. To put it simply, if all Rose has to offer is an entourage of "Rose Buds", and if he is not involved in any notable storylines, then Rose is best served either returning to NXT or being released.
    • Big E: Big E looked as though he was stepping out after breaking from AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler. I felt his wrestling skills were still rough and needed refinement, not to mention his conditioning needed refinement (I always felt 290 lbs was and is excessive on a 5'11" frame) so he could look and move like a well-trained athlete. Aside from that, I noticed Big E was another guy the WWE pushed for a brief time, even bestowing upon him an Intercontinental Championship reign before they felt they could no longer use him for higher card matches. While Big E does not possess great mic skills or crowd-capturing charisma, wrestling-wise he could have offered decent mid-card matches. Since he has not been featured frequently on any of the main shows, I look to see Big E. released by the end of this year or sometime next year.
    • Bo Dallas: Bo Dallas possesses a confusing presentation as far as his gimmick is concerned. He plays the role of a wrestling motivation speaker yet he commits numerous heel actions. Honestly, the gimmick appears weak and poorly handled by writers, and not readily embraced by fans and viewing audiences. It would not be a great loss to WWE's payroll budget to release Bo Dallas this year or early next year.
    • Kofi Kingston: Kofi showed promise, when I first saw him. He vaguely reminded me of a young Booker T with his kicks and flying ability. But overtime, Kofi's in-ring time focused more on theatrics and appealing to the crowd than straight wrestling. For this, I would watch countless defeats that have reduced him now to being no more than a jobber for the alleged "hot names" coming up. Unless WWE believes he is invaluable as a jobber, then they will likely send Kofi on his way out the door. I can only hope his business degree knowledge has held up. He may need it again.
    • Alicia Fox: Alicia Fox is one of the rare divas of color who I honestly did not believe would be in WWE as long as she has. Even her sister was with the company but did not stay long as she was released after a year or two. This Rihanna look-alike, has been virtually a career heel-diva for some time, but she hasn't truly produced any quality matches. I don't know if it's because WWE's watered down their women's wrestling division or what, but Alicia, true trooper that she is, having done everything asked of her, could well be on her way out, joining her sister.
    • Bray Wyatt: Leading man of a failed gimmick and storyline. Bray had a very unimpressive storyline with The Shield and John Cena. His wrestling was limited and not at all exciting. He was focused more on theatrics than wrestling and it's a shame WWE spent so much time promoting his triad which has now disintegrated and is almost forgotten.
    • Cameron: Total Divas has not helped Cameron or any of the women from WWE. It showcases the worst behavior seen of a WWE diva and honestly if this is all Cameron and her cast mates can do instead of showing whether or not they can wrestle, then it may well be time for WWE to do two things: first, cancelling Total Divas and the second, to release Cameron and those divas.
    • Naomi: I enjoyed Namomi and Cameron in their scintillating pre-match entrances. I enjoyed her performances in the ring as far as the theatrics go, but I would enjoy more to see her truly wrestle. And it would be nice to see some decent rivalries for her to be involved with. If not, then I would believe WWE will release Naomi for not knowing what else to do with her.
    • Tamina: If Tamina wants to put to full use what she knows about wrestling, then she may want to consider requesting a release so she can join a promotion that will truly let her wrestle. Most everyone would agree she has the physical gifts and wrestling knowledge to produce quality-level matches. It would be wonderful to see her be able to display her skills.
    • Christian: I enjoyed Christian from his heel days. Now I mourn the decline of Christian. It's tragic to read that WWE does not have a clue what to use him for. And on top of that, to read the company does not believe he is healthy or physically stable enough to maintain himself during a match is also saddening to read. Christian should waste no time and request or accept his release when it comes.
    • Curtis Axel: Curtis Axel is not a favorite of mine, but I did follow his route in the WWE. He was Michael McGuillicutty, who I had the hardest time remembering the name (so I would simply call him "Silly Puddy"), but wanted more to forget have much of a clown he appeared during that run. I then saw his return from his off-screen hiatus as a repackaged and more serious Curtis Axel. From there, was a failure of a storyline with Triple H and then his eventual alliance with Paul Heyman and his Paul Heyman guy Ryback. After their departure from under Paul Heyman's wing, Axel joined with Ryback and from then on it's been an uneventful partnership for both men. Axel's not been in any major title matches or received any further pushes. I feel he may find better success on the independent circuit where he knows for certain, he can be a champion or main event player on their venues. Obviously WWE doesn't feel he is when it comes to their events.
    • Damien Mizdow: Sandow, an individual who I had great sympathy for his losing streak, has now hit a new low point in his career. Damien Mizdow, the apparent ally of The Miz. Is this the great change that Mizdow spoke of in online interviews and articles? If nothing else, I do salute Sandow for his willingness to do the various (and embarrassing, not to mention self-degrading) angles and gimmicks asked of him, but Sandow should have higher aspirations than what he is currently involved with. If this continues, with his ring-side cameos, losing matches and declining storylines, then Damien Sandow the former Intellectual Savior may need to start praying for his professional wrestling salvation.
    • Darren Young: There is little to say about Darren Young, other than he was once part of a tag team called Prime Time Playas. Now Young is virtually a ghost to television. His matches on the main shows were never high-caliber and never were main-event level and during his time on the main shows, his purpose was nothing more than be a jobber. I will be surprised if he is not released during this latter part of the year.
    • Titus O'Neil: As big and strong as Titus is, he should have been involved with more significant matches relating to championships and contender spots. Sadly, the big man allowed himself to be reduced to being an overgrown doofus and performed some of the most ridiculous and embarrassing actions all in the name of "entertainment" all in the name of a paycheck, more accurately. Titus ought to have a better showing, but it will likely not be found in WWE. It will likely only happen after his eventual termination from the roster.
    • Diego: I followed Colon and his cousin before they became the Matadors. I believed in their wrestling potential and am disappointed now to see both Colons are nothing more than jobbers. I feel they are better off following Carlito and joining the indies where they may find a better run of success as singles or tag team competitors.
    • Fernando: The above comments, I apply for Orlando. Potentially good wrestlers who deserved more than being jobbers. Both have weak gimmicks now that are little more than for theatrical purposes. Load up El Torito on their shoulder and prepare to receive the pink slip on the way out of the locker room.
    • Heath Slater: Slater missed the axe this summer, during what I call the June Talent Purge. His teammates of 3MB, Jinder Mahal and Drew Galloway were sent packing for their apparent dead-in roles, but is not Slater in the same situation? Has he received any significant pushes since after his team was disbanded? There appears to be a good chance that young Slater may be joining his former teammates on the "alumni" list.

    So as I close out my opening post, (which I'll probably add more names later on), I ask who else do you think has overstayed their welcome or is poorly utilized in the WWE? Who else do you feel may be released soon?

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    • Now this list seems dumb now doesnt it

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    • Well, it's an opinion on a message board. So not really.

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    • Exactly. And it's far from being a dumb list. There's constructive criticism involved behind what was posted. Just randomly calling something dumb with no reason behind it, is dumb in itself.

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    • Agreed.

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    • The WWE doesn't release talents these days unless the talent either requests the release, did something that upset WWE Officials or if the talent was in NXT. These days, the WWE just lets talents' contracts expire.

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    • Big E and Kofi aren't going to be released anytime soon. The New Day is one of the most entertaining things in WWE right now.

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    • You guys this topic was from October 2014. So pointing out what is big now isn't really relevant.

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    • Company policies can and do change. Any employee of WWE whether a wrestler, manager, writer or office professional should realize and remember, there's no guarantees of job security. And yes, I understand there's such a thing as "released on request" or upsetting the corporate elite, but even still, the WWE can easily just release a person at their discretion. Even budgetary reasons can be a motive. It has been in the past. I disagree with The New Day being one of the most entertaining "things" in WWE at this time, but if they've got something working for them that appeals, great for them. Their careers will live to see another year in WWE.

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    • Good point about budgetary reasons like what happened when the WWE released a ton of talents during Summer 2014 (including 11 on the same day) due to the WWE losing money on WWE Network and the lackluster TV deal. In fact, things were so bad that the WWE even had to get its publishing department.

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