• At first, I couldn't stand this group. Not to say they're my favorite triad of wrestlers but they're better than recent stables. Working with what's in the talent pool right now, I'll "Believe in The Shield"'s potential to get better with time. I've noticed recently in 2013, that while they enjoyed success on a team level, each man holding a championship, it's becoming clear that there's some attitude brewing between the members.

    In my prediction, I feel that Roman Reigns will be the first to leave. During some of those recent backstage segments, it seemed Roman has become discontent with the attitude that Dean Ambrose has taken on, thinking he is the best. That's often sign of a split, granted he's the current US Champion but Ambrose forgets who often time helped him retain his title.

    Anyway, I'm ready and waiting for The Shield to disband. They're quite capable of going on their own, especially Roman Reigns. But I guess first we must get through The Authority storyline in order to get to breaking up The Shield. Once that happens, more than likely we'll see at least one of them become a face for the first time since they've all debuted together as a heel threesome.

    Time will tell.

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    • Yea, a split is definitely on the way for this group and it should be interesting.

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