The Truth Commission was a professional wrestling heel stable in the World Wrestling Federation and the United States Wrestling Association. Their gimmick was that they were a paramilitary group from South Africa, a take on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The Truth Commission debuted in the USWA, where Recon and Kurrgan (then known simply as The Interrogator) captured the USWA Tag Team Championship. Their manager, the Commandant, was an actor who had met Bret Hart while Hart was filming in South Africa. Hart recommended him to the WWF as a manager for the Truth Commission.

Upon moving to the WWF, the Commandant was later replaced by Commissioner member The Jackyl because the WWF wanted someone in the role who could participate physically in the matches. Tank departed from the WWF as well after a couple of appearances. Kurrgan was pushed as a monster heel while Recon and Sniper competed as a tag team. Incidentally, Jackyl was initially more interested in being a wrestler than the group's manager, but WWF booker Vince McMahon convinced him to cut promos on behalf of the Truth Commission because of his talent for it.

The stable started to fall apart when Jackyl expressed how disappointed he was with Recon and Sniper, who had little success in their matches. He would enter the ring when one or both of them lost a match, berated and slapped them, then ordered the towering Kurrgan to attack them. Eventually, Recon and Sniper formed the team of Armageddon and later left the WWF while Kurrgan remained as part of The Jackyl's new stable, The Oddities.

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