The Snake Pit was an interview segment featuring host Jake "the Snake" Roberts, which aired on the World Wrestling Federation's syndicated WWF Wrestling Challenge from 1986-1987, and briefly on WWF Superstars of Wrestling.

"The Snake Pit" was patterned after "Piper's Pit," wherein Roberts would conduct interviews with wrestlers or managers to help push wrestlers and get feuds over with the crowd. The segment was eventually moved to WWF Superstars of Wrestling as a replacement of "Piper's Pit," after another proposed replacement show - "Missy's Manor," hosted by Missy Hyatt - was scrapped. (Several of Roberts' "Snake Pit" skits in the spring of 1987 used re-written "Missy's Manor" scripts.)

The last "Snake Pit" segment aired in July 1987.

The most notable storyline involving "The Snake Pit" involved Roberts' face turn in the winter of 1987, after he was attacked by guest The Honky Tonk Man on the set. During the segment, Roberts was disinterested in listening to Honky perform and dismissed him; when Roberts had his back turned, Honky used a guitar to smash Roberts over the back. This led to their match at WrestleMania III.


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