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The Slayers  (stylized as The SLayers) were a women's professional wrestling tag team consisting of Layla and Summer Rae. The team name is a mixture of their ring names.

The group began its existence on July 11, 2014 edition of SmackDown and adopted the name the SLayers on the July 29 edition of WWE Main Event. The Slayers share the similarities of Layla's former team, LayCool. WWE wanted the new version of LayCool because of the recent reunion of TNA's knockout tag team, The Beautiful People in March 2014.


Layla became Fandango's dance partner and valet on April 11, 2014, replacing Summer Rae. Fandango had announced the end of his association with Rae via Twitter. Rae returned on May 19, 2014, after a one-month hiatus, kissing Fandango and attacking Layla. Layla and Rae started competing over Fandango's affections. Layla and Rae would attack each other during Fandango's matches, prompting a match between Layla and Rae at Money in the Bank, with Fandango as the special guest referee, which Layla won.

Formation (2014)

On the July 11 episode of SmackDown, Rae attacked Layla during a match between Fandango and Adam Rose, which Fandango lost via count-out when trying to separate the two. This led to a rematch between Layla and Rae later that night, with Fandango once again as the special guest referee. Both Layla and Rae kissed Fandango before Fandango separated the two from fighting and started dancing, causing both Layla and Rae to attack him, turning Layla and Rae into faces and ending Layla's relationship with Fandango. Layla and Rae then danced together in the ring. In their first match as a team, Layla and Rae lost to Paige and AJ Lee on the July 18 episode of SmackDown. Starting at Battleground, the two Divas allied and began distracting Fandango during his matches to cause his losses. On the July 29 episode of Main Event, Layla and Rae started referring to themselves as The SLayers. The Slayers won their first match as a team on the September 2 episode of Main Event, where they defeated Rosa Mendes and Natalya.

On the September 22nd episode of Raw, both Layla and Summer Rae turned heel (only in Total Divas storylines) by disparaging the fans before Summer's match with Natalya. Natalya would defeat Summer by submission with the Sharpshooter.

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