Andrew Carter is an Australian Pro-Wrestler who performs under the nickname of The Shark. He trained under former WWE Superstar Lance Storm. Carter made his professional debut in 2006. Since then he has competed in the United States, Canada and Australia.


In Australia, Carter owns and operates All Action Wrestling (AAW Perth) and as The Shark he has been featured in many major main events against former WWE Superstars. Names included are Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Orlando Jordan, Christopher Daniels, Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

In 2012, The Shark formed one of the most successful wrestling groups in AAW Perth history called "The Foundation". The Foundation started off as The Shark, Orlando Jordan, Chris Target and Josh Page.

At SuperClash in November 2013, The Shark and Chris Target defeated Paul London and Brian Kendrick to become the new AAW Tag Team Champions.

In 2014, The Foundation made some changes and added some fresh new faces. The Foundation is now The Shark, James Grace, TJ Max and Chris Target four of the most successful wrestlers in AAW Perth.

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