The Rotundos was a professional wrestling tag team in WWE's developmental FCW, consisting of Bo Rotundo and Duke Rotundo. The brothers are the sons of "IRS" man Mike Rotundo.


First reign (2009)

July 23, 2009 they won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship from the team of Justin Gabriel and Kris Logan (the same night they won it from the Dude Busters, too). They probably won a designated rematch at some point.

The brothers held the titles for 119 days until November 19, 2009 when The Dude Busters won them back. The brothers may have lost a designated rematch after that point.

Time apart (2010)

June 1, 2010, Duke joined the second season of NXT under the tutelage of Cody Rhodes as Husky Harris. He would later be recruited to The Nexus of Wade Barrett alongside Michael McGillicutty until the group's dissolving.

Second reign (2012)

On February 2, 2012, they defeated Brad Maddox and Eli Cottonwood, who was substituting for the injured Briley Pierce, to win the Florida Tag Team Championship for the second time. The brothers held the championship until March 15, when they lost it to Corey Graves and Jake Carter.

Aftermath (2013)

Bo (later known as Bo Dallas) went on to compete in the 2013 Royal Rumble and have a brief feud with Barrett (Duke's former boss) though would later return to NXT to become the NXT champion.

After going through a character metamorphosis (including a period as Axel Mulligan), Duke would dub himself Bray Wyatt and form the Wyatt Family who would harass Bo during his championship reign. Their familial relationship was not mentioned on NXT. Bo is still NXT champion while the Wyatts have left NXT to be on the main roster.

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