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The Quebecers were a tag team in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from mid-1993 to mid-1994 and again in 1998 that consisted of Jacques Rougeau and Pierre (Carl Ouellet). They also worked as the Amazing French Canadians in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1997.


World Wrestling Federation (1993-1994)

Formation (1993)

After Jacques Rougeau had finished his run as The Mountie in October 1992, he returned in July 1993 and began teaming with Pierre, who he had met in Puerto Rico. The Quebecers wore uniforms similar to that of The Mountie, making their debut on the July 24, 1993 episode of WWF Superstars, quickly defeating Rich Myers & Tony Webb. The Quebecers had their first title opportunity against WWF Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner) on August 13, 1993, but were defeated.

First Tag Team Championship reign (1993-1994)

On the September 13, 1993 episode of Raw, The Quebecers challenged The Steiner Brothers for the WWF Tag Team Championship again, but in a Quebec Province Rules match, a match where the title could change hands by disqualification. With Johnny Polo as their manager, The Quebecers won after Jacques deceived Scott Steiner into hitting him with a hockey stick, winning the match and their first championship. The Quebecers went on to defend the championship against teams such as Men on a Mission (Mabel & Mo), former champions The Steiner Brothers and The Smoking Gunns (Bart Gunn & Billy Gunn).

At Survivor Series 1993, The Quebecers were scheduled to compete with The Foreign Fanatics, however, Pierre was injured and had to be replaced Crush. Jacques still competed, but The Foreign Fanatics were defeated by The All-Americans. After the turn of the year, The Quebecers were defeated by Marty Jannetty & The 1-2-3 Kid on the January 10, 1994 episode of Raw, ending their 119 day reign.

Second and Third Tag Team Championship Reign (1994)

Just a week after losing the WWF Tag Team Championship, The Quebecers regained the title from Marty Jannetty & The 1-2-3 Kid on January 17, 1994. The Quebecers then defended the championship against Bret Hart & Owen Hart at the Royal Rumble 1994, winning the match by referee's decision after Bret was unable to stand. After continuing to defend the WWF Tag Team Championship, The Quebecers continued their pay-per-view winning streak, defeating Men on a Mission by count out at WrestleMania X.

Men on a Mission eventually won the championship on March 29, 1994, after Pierre was unable to kick out after a splash from Mabel, however, there has been speculation over whether the change was planned or not. The Quebecers quickly regained the WWF Tag Team Championship two days later on March 31, 1994. After defeating Men on a Mission again on the April 11, 1994 episode of Raw, The Quebecers were defeated by The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu) on the May 2, 1994 episode of Raw, ending their 26 day reign. After the match, Jacques and Pierre began arguing, followed by a fight breaking out. The feud between the two former partners culminated in a match between the two on October 21, 1994, which Jacques won.

World Championship Wrestling (1996-1997)

After a two year absence, Jacques Rougeau arrived in WCW in 1996, rejoining forces with Pierre, now under his real name Carl Ouellet. The team was renamed The Amazing French Canadians, making their WCW debut on the September 9, 1996 episode of WCW Nitro, losing to The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags). The Amazing French Canadians were managed by Col. Robert Parker, who dressed as a member of the French Foreign Legion. The Amazing French Canadians soon began a feud with Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray), culminating with a match at World War 3 1996, which The Amazing French Canadians lost. As a result of Harlem Heat winning, Sister Sherri was allowed to battle with Parker for five minutes.

At Clash of the Champions XXXIV, The Amazing French Canadians faced their old rivals in the WWF, The Steiner Brothers, but were defeated. Failing to win any championships, The Amazing French Canadians were released by WCW in 1997.

Return to the WWF (1998)

Returning to their original name of The Quebecers, the team returned to the WWF on the January 19, 1998 episode of Raw, defeating Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie by disqualification. The Quebecers appeared at In Your House 20: No Way Out Of Texas in a losing effort against The Godwinns (Henry O. Godwinn & Phineas I. Godwinn). The Quebecers also appeared in a Tag Team Battle Royal at WrestleMania XIV, but failed to win. The Quebecers eventually left the WWF later that year.

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