The OGz are a Stable in Impact Wrestling consisting of King, Homicide and Hernandez.


The group formed from all the members previously being members of Latin American Xchange (LAX). LAX had a revolving door of members in the group until Konnan, Homicide and Hernandez became the most prominent members. LAX would leave Impact Wrestling only to reform on March 16, 2017 with Konnan, Homicide and new members Ortiz, Santana, Diamanté. In 2018 Konnan was mysteriously attacked leaving him in a hospital which led to King arriving and telling the members of LAX that Konnan called him to come and take care of things and the team while he was gone. Konnan would return and accuse King of being the one behind the attack on him. King initially denied it until he admitted being the one and told Santana and Ortiz that he did it because he was the future while Konnan was the past and told them to join him. Instead they remained loyal to Konnan which lead to Homicide and the returning Hernandez to attack them from behind. Homicide and Hernandez later explained that they had felt shunned and placed on the sidelines by Konnan who favored Santana and Ortiz over them so they joined King to destroy LAX.

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  • Double team finishing moves

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