The Night is the official theme song for Raw. It is performed by Kromestatik.

Theme Lyrics

You are now tuned in to the world's greatest... [chorus] tonight is the night bright lights, hype crowd yeah, we came to throw down everybody get loud tonight is the night a-list, can't miss when we burn it to the ground everybody get down tonight is the night. We stayed grindin' while our fame kept risin' steady climbin', now we on top. It's not something you get, it's just something we got. Cause I don't know if you know if you know we playin' or not.

Tonight [verse 1] lights flashin' when we step in the place and you can feel the raw excitement from the look on their face it's like the prize right in front of my eyes to take and the sky's the limit, got no time to waste. Tonight's the big go, strike quick but creep slow the competition is absent the moment that we show count down from 3. Go press X to reload yet they still try to topple the kingdom that we own. Outnumbered but outgunnin' we're fearless and crowd stunnin' never an error on record there's no one to protect yah and we would still be right here if all the money was burned but we stay bumpin' in your ear cause the money was earned.

Yo, you can find us climbing settin' the bar or you could find us red carpet when we hittin' it hard cause the truth is you can find us wherever you are just look up, we're flying high with the stars cause... tonight is the night [repeat chorus]

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