When Raven joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, he formed a new version of the Flock, this time calling them The Gathering. The original Gathering members were Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree, with CM Punk joining the group soon after its inception. Punk and Dinero played 'adoring Raven fanboy' gimmicks, making Raven the main focus of the group. Laree left both the group and TNA after being signed to a contract by WWE. On December 7, 2003, Punk and Dinero turned on Raven during a six-man steel cage match. Raven disappeared from TNA, while Punk and Dinero joined up with longtime Raven-enemy James Mitchell and continued to wrestle under the Gathering tag team name.

The team came to an abrupt end when Punk left TNA to remain in Ring of Honor in the midst of the "Rob Feinstein controversy". As well, Dinero was eventually released. Mitchell disappeared for over a year before returning in July 2005 as the manager of Abyss, continuing their feud for a short time.


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