The Flying Elvises (sometimes written as The Flying Elvis') were a professional wrestling stable in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). The members were Jimmy Yang, Jorge Estrada, and Sonny Siaki

Their gimmick was to wear full Elvis Presley jumpsuits and adopt the musician's mannerisms and accent.


The Flying Elvises won the first match on the first card of NWA-TNA. They participated in the next few cards with Yang and Estrada often partnering and Sonny Siaki take singles matches. Eventually Siaki started developing a large ego and would shoo away his partners or take all the credit for himself.

On the ninth NWA:TNA PPV, all three members of the Flying Elvises got a shot at the TNA X Division Championship against Lo-Ki in a Four Corners match, Siaki tripped Yang which resulted in Yang getting eliminated. Yang retaliated and cost Siaki the match in turn. This effectively broke up the trio.

Yang and Estrada would tag together a couple of more times as the Flying Elvises, with their last match being a loss to The S.A.T. on the TNA Weekly PPV #14.

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