The First Family was the name of two professional wrestling stables led by Jimmy Hart and Jim Cornette, first in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Memphis-based Continental Wrestling Association, then in the late 1990s in World Championship Wrestling.

CWA stable

The original First Family was founded in the late 1970s by Hart to take the CWA title from his former protege, Jerry Lawler. The group extensively feuded with Lawler into the 1980s, a time particularly remembered for comedian Andy Kaufman's rivalry with Lawler.


WCW stable

Many years later, after the demise of the Dungeon of Doom in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1997, Hart resurrected the First Family concept the following year, bringing together several mid-card performers. This short-lived group featured entirely different wrestlers than the Memphis version of the '70s and included former Dungeon members.

They frequently appeared on WCW programs including Monday Nitro and primarily feuded with Fit Finlay. Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobbs often tagged together, defeating members of Revolution at 1999's Fall Brawl and making a losing effort in a 3-way Tag Team Championship contest at Halloween Havoc.

With an instrumental version of "The Zoo" as their entrance theme, the stable featured a variety of colorful wrestling personalities with unique ring styles: Jerry Flynn demonstrated martial arts strikes and submissions while Brian Knobbs utilized a rougher brawling style. Considering publicity photos were taken of the group, WCW's First Family was likely intended for a substantial run; however, according to Hart, the group quickly disbanded due to injuries sustained by numerous members as well as new bookers hired by WCW. In the aftermath of The First Family, Knobbs and Hart pursued WCW's hardcore scene that was on the rise in late 1999.


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