The Decade was a villainous professional wrestling stable in Ring of Honor, consisting of Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, B.J. Whitmer, and Adam Page. The name "Decade" was chosen because all three original members of the stable have been associated with Ring of Honor for ten years.


On December 14, 2013, at Final Battle 2013, Eddie Edwards and B.J. Whitmer defeated Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal in Edwards' farewell match. After the match Whitmer turned on Edwards and attacked him alongside Strong and Jimmy Jacobs. After the match Jacobs cut a promo explaining how he was sick of wrestlers being praised for leaving ROH to jump to bigger wrestling promotions (i.e. TNA or WWE). In a promo the Decade antagonized any wrestler who came back to Ring of Honor after leaving other wrestling companies and younger talents who want to use ROH as a stepping stone to reach bigger wrestling promotions. On the episode of ROH TV aired on January 11, 2014, the Decade distracted Chris Hero, costing him his return match against Kevin Steen. On the episode of January 18, the Decade asked Mark Briscoe to join the stable and attacked Adam Page. Briscoe refused and teamed up with Page, leading to a tag team match against Jacobs and Whitmer. The Decade won the match. On February 1, Strong faced the returning A.J. Styles in a losing effort. On 7th March 2014, Adam Page joined The Decade, as the first of the recruits, or "young boys." On April 19th Tadarius Thomas joined The Decade, as the second.

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