The C2 is a professional wrestling team, sometimes known as "The C2 Initiative", or "The C2 academy". The Team is made up of Steve Griffiths, Josh Knott, Tyler Hawke, and manager Calum Cain. Later Mark Walsh and John Harding would join the group. The teams name derives from manager Cain, who was known as "C-squared" until forming the group.


The faction started with Hawke securing the management services of Cain. Knott would later turn on mentor Joel Redman at PWP Three Stages of Hell to join the group. The trio would gain the services of Steve Griffiths after Griffith's defeated Knott at PWP The Hunt is on, before he won the PWP Heavyweight Championship. Before the release of the teams founding member Hawke, the team would recruit Mark Walsh as a member and Hawke and Walsh would win the PWP Tag Team Titles, and later defend the belts with the defecting John Harding.

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