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The Bodydonnas were a professional wrestling tag team in the WWF in the mid-1990s, consisting of Chris Candido as Skip, Candido's real-life girlfriend Tammy Lynn Sytch as Sunny, and Tom Prichard as Skip's kayfabe brother Zip.


The Bodydonnas were formed in 1995 in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) with Skip and Sunny introducing themselves via a series of vignettes. They were fitness fanatics who often made fun of their opponents and the fans. They also demonstrated how fit they were by doing jumping jacks during Skip's matches and performed push ups on fallen opponents.

On the July 9, 1995 episode of WWF Wrestling Challenge, Skip was defeated in a booked loss by longtime jobber Barry Horowitz. He got into a feud with Horowitz and lost several more matches. A subsequent storyline saw the Bodydonnas approached by Rad Radford, who wanted to be a Bodydonna. He teamed with Skip until Sunny fired him after The Smokin' Gunns defeated the Bodydonnas on the December 23, 1995 episode of WWF Superstars of Wrestling.

Skip soon got another partner who was an official Bodydonna in Zip (originally Flip), his kayfabe twin brother. They won the WWF Tag Team Championship on March 31, 1996 at WrestleMania XII. They then feuded with The Godwinns until they dropped the title to them on May 19. Sunny left the Bodydonnas to follow the gold, becoming the Godwinns' manager until the Godwinns also lost their title, this time to The Smokin' Gunns. Sunny then defected to the Gunns' side because she only wanted to manage champions. Meanwhile, the Bodydonnas announced that they were searching for a new manager. They appeared on WWF television programs urging fans to apply for the position. This storyline culminated in the Bodydonnas "hiring" Cloudy (also spelled Kloudi), who was obviously a man dressed as a woman.

A few months later, Skip was injured and the Bodydonnas disbanded.

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