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The Best & The Beard (sometimes alternatively phrased The Beard with The Best or The Beard & The Best) was a face tag team made up of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. They came together after The Wyatt Family attacked them October 28, 2013 Raw.

Their name, which is similar-sounding to "Beauty and the Beast", is based on Bryan's "Fear the Beard" slogan and Punk's "Best in the World" slogan.



Both men have a history in the Ring Of Honor organization before moving to the WWE. Both have held the WWE Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship, as well as being tag team champions with previous partners (Punk with Kofi Kingston, Bryan with Kane as Hell No). Both have experimented with vegan lifestyles but have deviated from them to consume meat.

Daniel Bryan was a founding member of Nexus, and had left the group by the time CM Punk joined and wrestled leadership to reform it as the New Nexus.

Back when Daniel Bryan was a heel, he unsuccessfully challenged CM Punk for the WWE championship during Punk's record-setting reign, during which time Bryan's then-girlfriend AJ Lee expressed romantic interest in Punk.

Both Punk and Bryan have had their shots at world championships ruined by Randy Orton, and both have defeated John Cena to win the WWE title.

The hintings of the group's formation occurred when after both were independently attacked by the Wyatts they began to rush to one another's aid against the group.

Teaming history

November 11 they defeated The Shield by DQ when the Wyatts intervened. November 15 they defeated Ryback & Axel after debuting their new moniker backstage upon mutual agreement. Commentator Michael Cole mistakenly substituted "with" in place of "and", and this error was duplicated on by Michael Burdick.

They defeated Harper & Rowan at Survivor Series 2013 and all 3 members of the The Wyatts the following night by DQ when all 3 entered the ring and did not obey tag rules.


They broke up when Cm Punk left Bryan to feud with The Shield, and on Raw New Year's, Bryan did the unforgettable and joined The Wyatt Family.

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