1991 WCW Collectible Trading Cards (Championship Marketing)
Base Set
StingArn AndersonMichael HayesRick SteinerThe Fabulous FreebirdsThe Steiner BrothersLex LugerRic FlairTom ZenkSid ViciousBrian PillmanRic FlairSid ViciousThe Four HorsemenJim RossRon SimmonsBarry WindhamSid ViciousSid ViciousSting & RicBeautiful Bobby Punishes OpponentThe New ChampionPaul E. with Mouth OpenMichael HayesScott SteinerRick SteinerWorld T.V. ChampionBarry Windham with Arms RaisedTommy RichRicky MortonHorsemen Press ConferenceThe FreebirdsTerry Taylor"Dirty" Butch Mantell"Nature Boy" Ric FlairLex Presses RicLex and StingFlyin' BrianRic FlairSting and LexMissy HyattThree Out of FourSid Vicious in ActionTerry Taylor vs. Z-ManSouthern BoysStingWhat Did You Say?Arn, Paul E. and RicStingSay UnclePaul E. DangerouslySting and RicSting, Jim and LexWhat a Belt!StingRic All in WhiteLex Presses Ric IIEl GiganteArn Says, "My Turn"Sid ViciousBrian and RicFlyin' BrianThe Fabulous FreebirdsNo Sid This HighEl GiganteRic, Jim and StingNo It's MineGolden Nature BoyMissy and ScottRon SimmonsTelephoneJimmy "Jam" GarvinRic Flair in Pink RobeBeautiful BobbyLex LugerZ-ManWhere's The Door?El GiganteWhat Do You Think?6 Time World ChampionMissy HyattThe New ChampionCelebrationU.S.A. StingSting is Injured"Let's Get Busy"Courage of a ChampionNo Hold the AnchoviesLex Presses Ric IIIBarry WindhamHeads or TailsU.S. Heavyweight ChampionGetting Ready For BattleLex Wins the TitleRic Goes Too FarEl Gigante and the ChampZ-ManWorld Tag-Team ChampionsMissy in Evening GownMissy HyattTony in Front of Chicago BuildingRicky MortonFlyin' BrianThe Steiners Want "Sting Revenge"Z-Man Tom ZenkSouthern BoysTeddy LongArn Anderson in ActionSting in ActionDoom
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