Carlos López Tovar (August 28, 1912 - August 28, 1975), better known by the ring name Tarzán López was a luchador who was active in the 1930s and 1940s. He was known as "Tarzan" because of his bodybuilder's physique, Lopez held the Mexican national welterweight championship from 1936 through 1939. He also captured the NWA middleweight title several times and was named MVP in Mexico in 1940, 1944, and 1948.

Professional wrestling career

Tovar made his professional debut in 1934 under the name Carlos López, and was soon recruited by trainer Diablo Velasco. He was launched into his first feud against Salvador Flores, a feud that made the young López very popular. This popularity eventually resulted in López being signed to Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre (EMLL), where he gained his first title, the National Welterweight Championship, which he won on March 11, 1936.

López was one of the most popular luchadores of his era, winning the title of Luchador of the Year in 1940, 1944, and 1948.

Although still one of the most popular wrestlers in Mexico, López's career ended early over a monetary dispute with EMLL. López requested a loan with which he intended to help a friend who deperately needed the money. When the owners of EMLL refused, an angry López retired from the professional wrestling business and never looked back.

In wrestling

  • Finishing move

Championships and accomplishments

1This championship was under the control of the National Wrestling Association, a governing body in professional wrestling that existed prior to the National Wrestling Alliance. The title was abandoned in 1940.
2This title is actually the same championship that the National Wrestling Alliance would come to adopt and recognize. However, the title was created before the founding of the National Wrestling Alliance but after the World Middleweight Championship used by the National Wrestling Association was abandoned.

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