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The TNA Hard 10 Tournament was a hardcore tournament for a trophy that would proclaim the winner the most hardcore wrestler in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). It featured eight wrestlers competing in matches where a point-scoring system was used to determine the winner. The system was that 1 point was awarded for a direct hit with an object and 5 points for putting your opponent through a table, with 10 points needed to win. The only tournament was held in 2003, which was won by The Sandman. The tournament was promptly abandoned by TNA in light of fans complaining about the point system.

Tournament Brackets

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Mike Sanders Pts  
 Brian Lee  
     Mike Sanders  
     New Jack Pts  
 New Jack Pts
       New Jack
     The Sandman Pts
   Sonny Siaki Pts  
 Vampire Warrior  
     Sonny Siaki
     The Sandman Pts  
 The Sandman Pts
   Devon Storm  
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