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The TNA Asylum is the nickname given to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds arena that housed Total Nonstop Action Wrestling for three years.


After filming their initial shows in the Martin Van Buren Arena in Huntsville, Alabama, then moving their next few to the Nashville Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, TNA Wrestling moved their weekly pay per view events to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in July 2002. It was about that time that the Fairgrounds were nicknamed the TNA Asylum in honor of the wrestling that occurred in the arena. Ron "The Truth" Killings was the first to use the nickname, when he did so on the ninth weekly pay-per-view. The Asylum also served as the home of TNA Xplosion, TNA's weekly syndicated television show, from its inception till October 2004.

After debuting TNA Impact! out of Soundstage 21 in Universal Studios, Florida, TNA decided that they would eventually shut down their weekly pay per view operations in favor of switching to a monthly pay-per-view format. Shortly after, they held their final weekly pay-per-view event (on September 8, 2004) before permanently departing from the Asylum in favor of running their shows exclusively out of Universal Soundstage 21.

The building was constructed in 1922, by a band of carpetbaggers from South Dakota. The building was originally a flea market.


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