The World X Cup Tournament was an X division tournament put on by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as somewhat of a preview for the World X Cup Tournament


  • Round One: There will be a Gauntlet match involving all 16 wrestlers. Winner gets 3 points for his team.
  • Round Two: There will be two tag team matches. Each winner gets 2 points for there teams
  • Round Three: There will be a Ladder match involving 1 member from all 4 teams. The winner gets 4 points for his team.
  • Round Four: There will be an Ultimate X match involving 1 member from each of the top 3 teams. The winner gets 5 points for his team.
  • In an event of a tie, the captains of the two teams will compete in a singles match in order to determine the champion.

Teams and Members

Team Team TNA Team Canada Team Mexico Team Japan
Captain Jerry Lynn Petey Williams Hector Garza NOSAWA
Member Christopher Daniels Johnny Devine Abismo Negro Ryuji Hijikata
Member Chris Sabin Bobby Roode Heavy Metal Mitsu Hirai Jr.
Member Elix Skipper Eric Young Mr. Aguila Taichi Ishikari

 Preview Matches

  • TNA Weekly PPV 91 April 28, 2004
    • Team TNA defeated Team Mexico
  • TNA Weekly PPV 92 May 5, 2004
    • Team Canada defeated Team TNA
  • TNA Weekly PPV 93 May 12, 2004
    • Team Canada's Bobby Roode & Petey Williams defeated Hector Garza & Abismo Negro
  • TNA Weekly PPV 94 May 19, 2004
    • Team TNA's Jerry Lynn defeated Team Canada's Bobby Roode
    • Team Mexico defeated Team Japan


ROUND 1 - 3 Points

  • TNA Weekly PPV 95: May 25, 2004
    • 16-man Gauntlet: Hector Garza was the last man standing

ROUND 2 - 2 Points

  • TNA Weekly PPV 95: May 25, 2004
    • Team TNA (Daniels and Skipper) defeated Team Canada (Roode & Devine)
    • Team Japan (Hijikata & Hirai Jr.) defeated Team Mexico (Negro and Metal)

ROUND 3 - 4 Points

  • TNA Weekly PPV 95: May 25, 2004
    • Team Canada's Eric Young defeated Team TNA's Jerry Lynn, Team Mexico's Mr. Aguila, and Team Japan's Taichi Ishikari.

ROUND 4 - 5 Points

  • TNA Weekly PPV 95, MAy 25, 2004
    • Team TNA's Chris Sabin defeated Team Canada's Petey Williams, and Team Mexico's Hector Garza


Standings Team Points
First Team TNA 7
Second Team Canada 4
Third Team Mexico 3
Fourth Team Japan 2
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