Masaru Tobita, better known as Survival Tobita, is a Japanese professional wrestler that has received a cult following for his many unique matches in Saitama Pro Wrestling Company.


Survival Tobita started as a jobber for Super World of Sports. Following the promotion's collapse, he has wrestled for various companies in Japan and Mexico including Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, Michinoku Pro Wrestling, Dramatic Dream Team, Onita Pro, and CMLL Japan. He is also the owner of SPWC, Saitama Pro Wrestling Company.

Survival Tobita is best known for his matches in Saitama Pro Wrestling Company where he wrestles harcore matches, primarily on mats as the company could not afford a ring, against various monsters from around the universe (usually played by Naoshi Sano). Tobita often sits down after his match and cuts long promos while the fans fold their seats and exit the building.

Tobita's most famous matches were against Mokujin Ken (KEN THE BOX). Mokujin Ken was a tree-like figure based on the character Mokujin from the Tekken video game series. Because of Ken's super human strengths, all of their bouts were basically squashes with Ken easily winning in minutes via knockout.

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