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Super Muñeco (April 10, 1962) is a Mexican Luchador enmascarado, or masked professional wrestler. Super Muñeco is Spanish for "Super Toy", a comedic ring character based on the clown. Super Muñeco is best known for having the second highest number of Luchas de Apuestas "bet match" wins having won the mask or hair of over 100 wrestlers.

Super Muñeco is the son of deceased professional wrestler El Sanguinario (the Bloodthirsty) and initially worked as "Sanguinario, Jr." before changing his ring persona to Super Muñeco. Muñeco's brothers wrestle or have wrestled as Sanguianrio, Jr. and Sanguinario, Jr. III, while a third brother wrestles as "Super Muñeco, Jr.". Super Muñeco was one third of the team Trio Fantasia along with Super Ratón and Super Pinocho, a trio with ring personas geared towards the kids in the crowd.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Signature moves

Championships and accomplishments

  • AWWA
  • AWWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • Distrito Federal Trios Championship (1 time) – with Super Ratón and Super Pinocho)
  • Caribian Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • Centro Social Aragón Middleweight Championship (1 time)
  • Deportivo Carlos Zárante Middleweight Championship (1 time)
  • Los Reyes Estado de Mexico Middleweight Championship (1 time)
  • Plaza de Torero La Aurora Middleweight Championship (1 time)
  • Rio Verde Junior Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • San Pedro Iztacalco Welterweight Championship (1 time)
  • Veracruz Junior Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • WOWC Los Angeles Championship (1 time)

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