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Pro Wrestling

A submission is a professional wrestling term for yielding to the opponent and therefore losing the fall.

Traditionally submission victories would occur when one professional wrestler would place his opponent in a wrestling hold. The referee would ask the trapped wrestler if they wished to submit. Alternatively the referee would raise the arm of the trapped wrestler three times. If the arm arm fell three times, the wrestler applying the hold would be awarded a submission fall.

Recently, submissions are performed by clearly tapping the floor or the opponent with the hand or sometimes with the foot, to signal the opponent and the referee of the submission. This is commonly known as tapping out.

A manager could also throw in the towel to save his client from permanent injury. Though this is seldom occurs outside towel matches.

Submission Matches

There are a few special matches types that can only end in a submission.

I Quit Match

An I Quit Match can only end when one wrestler says the words "I Quit". Originally referees would ask wrestlers to speak the words, but lately wrestlers bring a microphone into the match and force their opponent to say the words for everyone to hear. This type of match is almost always a feud-ending match as it's considered humiliating to quit.

Submission Match

Simply, a Submission Match cannot end in a pinfall. Disqualifications or count outs are possible outcomes, unless previously ruled out. This differs from an I Quit Match in that a wrestler can tap out or pass out to avoid verbally admitting inferiority.

No Submission Match

A No Submission Match is the opposite of a submission match. The match can only end via pinfall, disqualification, countout, or other specified possible outcome.

Towel Match

A Towel Match can only be won when a wrestler's cornerperson throws a towel into the ring to end the match in a loss.