The State Farm Center is a large dome-shaped indoor arena located in Champaign, Illinois, owned and operated by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Center's primary function since its inception has been the home court of for the Men's and Women's Fighting Illini basketball teams.

It servers as the 3rd largest arena in the state of Illinois, and as a perfect midway point for travailing acts as it is not only on a university campus but is roughly halfway between Chicago and St. Louis. Some of these acts included Garth Brooks, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Phish as well as WWE and the circus.

The unique feature of the venue was from its doors opining until the Astrodome was opening 2 years later it served as the largest dome venue in all of North America. To achieve this feat the construction of the dome was supported by 1/4 inch beams wrapped the base of the dome to alleviate the downward stress.


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