The Stampede World Mid-Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling title, one of the lesser known secondary titles created for Stampede Wrestling in 1979, and was the focal point of the 1982-83 feud between the Dynamite Kid and the Great Gama. The title would be defended for roughly four years and, although being recognized by the promotion until its close in 1989, the title history is unrecorded after 1985. There have been a total of 6 recognized champions who have had a combined 11 official reigns.

Title history

Wrestlers: Reigns together: Date: Place: Notes:
Dick Steinborn 1 1979 Dick Steinborn is billed as champion on arrival.
Bruce Hart 1 June 1979 Calgary, AB
Title history is unrecorded.
Dynamite Kid 1 August 1979
Title history is unrecorded.
Dick Steinborn 2 June 28, 1980
Keith Hart 1 July 1980
Title history is unrecorded.
Bruce Hart 2 October 25, 1980
Title history is unrecorded.
Dynamite Kid 2 July 3, 1981
Title history is unrecorded.
Davey Boy Smith 1 July 9, 1982 Calgary, AB
Great Gama 1 November 12, 1982 Calgary, AB
Dynamite Kid 3 December 14, 1982 Regina, SK
Great Gama 2 February 22, 1983 Regina, SK
Dynamite Kid 4 February 26, 1983
Although the title is still recognized as of October 1985, the title history is unrecorded up until the promotion's close in December 1989.
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