St. Louis Arena (formerly known as the Checkerdome from 1977 to 1983) was an indoor arena in St. Louis, Missouri. Upon its opening in 1929, it was the second largest indoor arena in the United States with a seating capacity of over 14,000 people, only Madison Square Garden with its capacity of over 18,000.

The Arena's early life was much the same as similar arenas. It was the home to many different industry conventions such as the National Dary Show. However it got a second life in the mid part of the twentieth century when sports and concerts started to be big business.

St. Louis Arena was home to many different sports teams during its 65-year life time. Hockey teams like St. Louis Flyers of the AHL and AHA, St. Louis Braves of the CHL and most famously the St Louis Blues of the NHL from the franchise inception to the shuttering of the arena's doors in 1994. On top of Hockey it was the home to both NCAA Basketball in the form of the Saint Louis University Bilikins and professional teams like the St. Louis Spirits of the short lived ABA.

Major music acts also passed through the halls of the Arena including; The Bee Gees in 1979, Led Zepplin during their final North American tour, Fleetwood Mac's Tusk Tour in 1979 and Micheal Jackson on his Bad Tour in 1988.


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