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  The Spectrum Center (Originally Charlotte Bobcats Arena and Time Warner Cable Arena commonly TWC Arena or The Cable Box), is an entertainment and sports venue located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's primary use is as the home court for the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. It made its grand opening in October 2005 as the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, with a concert by the Rolling Stones and hosted it's first Bobcats game on November 5, 2005. The arenas center-hung Daktronics video screen, known as "Bobcats TV" measures 16 feet by 28 feet - the largest of any indoor arena. The arena is owned by the city of Charlotte and operated by the Bobcats. In May 2016, Charter Communications acquired the rights to purchase Time Warner Cable and renamed it the Spectrum Center.


Date Event Attendance
June 25, 2006Vengeance6,800
September 15, 2019Clash of Champions

Television Programs

Date Event
January 23, 2006RAW
January 27, 2006Heat
June 19, 2007ECW
June 22, 2007SmackDown
November 26, 2007RAW
November 30, 2007Heat
July 15, 2008ECW
July 18, 2008SmackDown
June 15, 2009RAW
June 14, 2010RAW
April 5, 2011NXT
April 7, 2011Superstars
April 8, 2011SmackDown
November 29, 2011SuperSmackDown
November 30, 2011NXT
December 1, 2011Superstars
October 29, 2012RAW
November 1, 2012Superstars
November 6, 2013Main Event
November 8, 2013SmackDown
November 28, 2016RAW
November 29, 2016Main Event
November 14, 2017SmackDown
November 14, 2017205 Live
October 29, 2018RAW
October 31, 2018Main Event
February 26, 2019SmackDown
February 26, 2019205 Live

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