Southside Wrestling Entertainment was a promotion based in Cambridgeshire, England.



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Southside Wrestling Entertainment events
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4EverevolutionBattle Of The Egos 2Risky BusinessSpeed KingNotorious IIMenace II Society IIRetribution 3SupremacyRaw Deal2nd Anniversary Show - Halloween Havocvs. HOP - Ill ManorsSeasons Beatings 2
Opportunity KnocksBattle Of The Egos 3Raw Deal 2Risky Business 2Speed King 2Notorious 3The Big Bump TheoryMenace II Society IIIRetribution 4Crossing The LineUnlucky For Some3rd Anniversary Show: End GameDay Of ReckoningSupershow
Battle Of The Egos 4New Beginnings2nd Day Of ReckoningRaw Deal 3Speed King 2014Risky Business 3X-FactorNotorious 4Appetite For DestructionMenace II Society IVDay Of Reckoning 3Retribution 5The Hunt Is OnCruel Intentions - Night 1Day Of Reckoning 4Cruel Intentions - Night 2Aerial Assault4th Anniversary ShowIll Manors 2014Opportunity Knocks 2014Seasons Beatings 3
X-PendablesSupremacy 2015Battle Of The Egos 5Battle In BedfordRaw Deal 4Rock 'N' WrestleRisky Business 2015Speed King 2015Day Of Reckoning 5Notorious 5Great ExpectationsMenace II Society VRetribution 6Hardcore Heaven5th Anniversary ShowBedlam In BedfordYoung Tigers CupSeasons Beatings

Battle of the Egos 6Day Of Reckoning 8Supremacy 2016Don't Call It A ComebackDay Of Reckoning 9Let's Kick Cancer To The CurbRaw Deal 5Day Of Reckoning 10Risky Business 2016PandemoniumDay Of Reckoning 11Notorious VIGunning For GloryInfamousRetribution 7Menace II Society VIDay Of Reckoning 12Adrenaline Rush 2016Speed KingNeed For Speed: Day Of Reckoning 12.5KirbyManiaQueen Of The Ring6th Anniversary ShowIll Manors 2016


Sucker For PainDay Of Reckoning 14Battle Of The Egos 7Judgement DayAll Hail The QueenDay Of Reckoning 15Risky BusinessRaw Deal 6Opportunity KnocksDay Of Reckoning 16Speed KingNotorious VIINothing To LoseDay Of Reckoning 17Menace II To Society VIIRetribution 87th Anniversary ShowOpportunity Knocks Seasons Beatings

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