Slayer is an American Professional wrestler, born on March 21, 1971.

The iconic "Jersey Shore Madman" has been terrorizing opponents in the ring since the early 1990s.  One of the most unorthodox wrestlers to ever step into the ring, Slayer takes great delight in causing pain to his opponents. His extremely bizarre behavior is used to his advantage, as opponents struggle to strategize against him.

A true maniac with a devastating aerial attack combined with a savage ferocity and blatant disregard for the rules, makes Slayer an extremely dangerous wrestler.

Signature Finishing Moves

  • Ye Olde Neck-Snapping Machine
  • Decapitron
  • Decapitron #2
  • Super Decapitron

Championship Titles Held

  • NWA-NJ Cruiserweight title
  • EWA Heavyweight title
  • EWA Light-Heavyweight title
  • EWA U.S. title
  • APWF tag-team titles
  • UWC Iron-Man title
  • WWC Light-heavyweight title
  • WWC Heavyweight title
  • NWA-NJ Light-Heavyweight title
  • NWS Jersey Shore title
  • NWS Cruiserweight title
  • NWS Tag-team titles
  • UWC Tag-team titles

Other Facts

Outside the ring, Slayer has appeared in more than a dozen movies.

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