Siren Monroe (December 9, 1990) is a female wrestler for WildKat Sports and Entertainment: Orlando Jordan School of Wrestling.


Beginning her training December 2010 at PCWe, Siren began to develop solid foundations for wrestling technique. Her previous martial arts experience of 7 years helped her to be recognized as a natural competitor, going from strength to strength. In order to become a better overall competitor, Siren made the decision to be tutored under former WWE and TNA Superstar, Orlando Jordan at WildKat Sports and Entertainment in August 2012. December 2012, Siren travelled to Booker T's in Houston, TX in order to gain further knowledge and in-ring expertise.

In wrestling

  • Finishers
  • Siren's Song (Running power slam)
  • Signature Moves
  • The Dominatrix (Impaler DDT)
  • Surfboard stretch
  • Wheel barrow face buster
  • Nicknames
  • "The Walking Kiss Of Death"

Championships and accomplishments

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