Sherman Tank (April 30, 1977) is an American independent pro wrestler, often called one of the best "big men" in the business. He works and is perhaps best known for his appearances throughout the American Midwest where he has wrestled in promotions including W.A.R. Wrestling, Mid-Ohio Wrestling and more extensively for Ohio Championship Wrestling.


Starting at the age of 12, Sherman Tank started traveling with neighbor, mentor, pro wrestler/promoter Chief Don Red Cloud. He started to learn the business and pay his dues by performing various jobs at events like setting up/tearing down the ring, playing wrestlers' music, ringing the bell, and taking ring jackets/apparel back to the locker room. It was during this time that Tank was slowly introduced to the workings of the business by Don Red Cloud as well as other individuals like The Green Hornet, Jimmie Lee, Kid Collins, and Thunder Morgan.

After years of training and paying dues he earned the opportunity to wrestle his first match in April 1995 in Akron, OH. For the next year he mostly worked for The Green Hornet's events in Northern Ohio, usually sold-out shows. In Fall of 1996, Tank started attending The Ohio State University as well as joined The International Wrestling Alliance, based in Columbus. During his time with the IWA he met some influential people. Tank, along with guys like Shank Dorsey, The Casanova Cliq, Matt Mason, and Jeremy Madrox began making bigger names for themselves in the Midwest and Canada.  Various disputes with IWA drove Tank to a new upstart promotion Fire and Ice Wrestling. Tank joined several other IWA workers in FIW during the summer/fall of 1999. ECW School Ten years later, he made his first officially-recorded in-ring debut for Ohio Championship Wrestling. Over the length of 18 years, Tank has won championships in OCW, WAR, MOW, APWA, AIWF NCW, and NewOCW.

Personal life

Sherman Tank is a 2001 graduate of The Ohio State University (OSU).

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Get Tanked (Spinning Spinebuster)
  • Shermanator (High-Impact Clothesline)
  • The A-List Diss

Championships and accomplishments

  • OCW Heavyweight Championship
  • OCW Television Championship
  • WAR Tag Team Championship
  • MOW Tri-County Championship
  • APWA-MDW Southern Tag Team Championship
  • APWA-MDW Tri-State Championship
  • NewOCW Heavyweight Championship
  • MEWL North American Championship

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