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The following is a collection of events that Shane McMahon has participated in.


McMahon began his on-screen career as a referee named Shane Stevens in 1990 and was the first performer to walk out to greet the audience at WrestleMania VI. Shane McMahon also refereed during the 1991 Royal Rumble match. He soon left behind the blue shirt and bow-tie and took on the role of a backstage official at WrestleMania VIII in an attempt to break up a brawl between Randy Savage and Ric Flair after he and other officials failed to keep Miss Elizabeth away from ringside.

McMahon became a regular while being an on-air character in 1998, during his father's on-air feud with Steve Austin. In the early days of that angle, McMahon offered support for his father in cameo roles, but he did not become an enforcer like Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. McMahon was a color commentator on Sunday Night Heat alongside Jim Cornette and later Kevin Kelly, and announced with Jerry Lawler on the 1999 videogame WWF Attitude. Concurrently with this, Shane took a role as a regular character, turning on his father by signing Austin to a contract after Vince demoted him to the position of referee. Yet at Survivor Series, Shane turned heel by turning on Austin and became an official member of The Corporation.


Date Event Match Match type Title
December 15RAW is WARMankind defeated Shane McMahon by DQSingles -


Date Event Match Match type Title
February 15RAW is WARKane & Shane McMahon defeated Triple H & X-Pac (c)Tag TeamWWF European Championship
February 16RAW is WARShane McMahon (c) defeated GillbergSinglesWWF European Championship
March 15RAW is WARShane McMahon defeated Gerald Brisco & Pat PattersonTwo On One Handicap -


Date Event Match Match type Title


Date Event Match Match type Title


Date Event Match Match type Title


Date Event Match Match type Title


Date Event Match Match type Title


Date Event Match Match type Title

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