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The September 9, 2021 Edition of Impact was a Professional wrestling television show of Impact Wrestling. It was taped in Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.


The first match of the show was Tasha Steelz, with Savannah Evans, vs. Rosemary, with Havok. Rosemary won after hitting a spear, but Tasha & Evans got the last laugh by stealing their opponents' Knockouts Tag Team Championships after the match.

Ace Austin was having an interview when he walked off and tried to talk Scott D'Amore into booking a match between Madman Fulton and Impact World Champion Christian Cage. Scott decided to instead make it a 10-man tag team match, and told Ace to choose a team, and so he started doing it, readily recruiting Brian Myers.

Leader of Violent By Design Eric Young came back to Rhino after leaving him alone in a prison cell for a week, claiming that it was enough suffering and that he was currently at his purest form.

The next match was a Bunkhouse Brawl between Karl Anderson, with Doc Gallows, and Rich Swann. Rich completely dominated the start of the match, hitting both Brothers with several weapons, but they turned the tides in the end and Karl hit a Gun Stun off the top rope through a table to get the win.

Matthew Rehwoldt was painting on canvases while explaining the differences between a professional and an amateur, and also threatening Trey Miguel.

Josh Alexander was being interviewed on his upcoming match against Chris Sabin, when Christian Cage arrived and recruited him to his team against Ace Austin. After this Rohit Raju mocked Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green.

Next was a match between Chris Bey & David Finlay. Bey tried to win with a rollup with his feet on the ropes, but Juice Robinson ran in to prevent it, and Finlay performed a schoolboy to get the 3 count. After the match, NJPW's Hikuleo invaded the ring to attack FinJuice, and Bey decided to help him.

Backstage, Josh Alexander and Chris Sabin signed the contract for their X Divison Championship match at Victory Road. Christian then arrived and recruited Sabin to his team as well.

TJP brought No Way & Fallah Bahh to Swinger's Palace to make some bets, but Hernandez decided to ban the two for disrespect. Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren then appeared for a split second before it cut out.

Steve Maclin faced Petey Williams next. In the end, TJP walked out along with No Way and his conga line. This distraction gave Maclin the chance to hit Mayhem For All and win the match.

Eddie Edwards was giving an interview on his assault at the hands of Moose & W. Morrisey, and Sami Callihan came in to ask if he wanted to reconsider their agreement to ignore each other. Christian came in as well to try and recruit them, and Sami accepted, but Edwards said that he'd have to choose between one of them.

Ace Austin had another interview, talking about the 10-man tag match, when Moose & Morrisey appeared and said that they wanted to be in his team.

The main event was a singles match between Moose, with W. Morrisey, and Eddie Edwards. Eddie had it won after hitting the Boston Knee Party, but Morrisey placed Moose's foot on the ropes. Eddie took Morrisey out with a suicide dive, just for Moose to then hit the Lights Out spear and win the match. The two continued to attack Eddie after the match, and then Sabin, Myers, Josh, Ace and Christian came out for an all-out brawl. Alisha then ran in as well, and as Morrisey tried to chokeslam her, Sami Callihan appeared to take him out. The show ended with Sami & Eddie making amends.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

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