NWA PPV #13 ia a PPV from the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion. This event took place on September 18, 2002 at Nashville Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Brian Lawler eliminated Derek Wylde
  • Brian Lawler eliminated Joel Maximo
  • Brian Lawler eliminates James Storm
  • Syxx-Pac eliminated Kobain
  • Syxx-Pac eliminated Ace Steel
  • Brian Lee and Ron Harris eliminated Jorge Estrada
  • Ron Harris eliminated CM Punk
  • Brian Lee eliminated Jimmy Rave
  • Brian Lee and Ron Harris eliminated Buff Bagwell
  • Syxx-Pac eliminated Brian Lawler
  • Ron Harris eliminated Jose Maximo
  • Brian Lee and Ron Harris eliminated Syxx-Pac
  • Scott Hall eliminated Ron Harris
  • Scott Hall eliminated Slash
  • Disco Inferno eliminated Sonny Siaki
  • Scott Hall eliminated Disco Inferno
  • Brian Lee eliminated BG James
  • Brian Lee eliminated Scott Hall

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