A Scaffold match takes place on a scaffold above the ring. The two ways to win the match are to push the opponent off of the scaffold so that he/she hits the mat or to grab the flag from the opponent's home base of the scaffold and return it to one's own home base. Some variations include putting weapons or objects into the ring for when the opponent lands, for example card tables. The scaffold is not very wide, meaning wrestling moves are rarely done during these matches and stay a kick/punch affair.

Another variation, called a Scaffold Cage Match, is when the wrestlers beat each other until one is knocked off of the scaffold and into the ring. The ring is surrounded by a high steel cage and the only way to win is by pinfall.

Elevation X, another variation, has two scaffolds placed above the ring intersecting each other to form an "X". A Scaffold match has never occurred in WWE.

History of the Scaffold match

No. Match Event, date and location
I Jerry Jarrett defeated Don Greene Memphis 1971
II Bill Dundee defeated Koko B. Ware Memphis May 1983
III Bill Dundee defeated Dutch Mantell Memphis 1984
IV Bob Sweetan defeated Eric Embry Loser Leaves Texas 1984 Southwest
V The Rock 'n' Roll Express defeated Midnight Express Superdome Event 11/22/1984 Mid-South
VI Road Warriors defeated Midnight Express Starrcade 1986 November 28, 1986 NWA
VII Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee defeated Tommy Rich/Austin Idol 1987 Memphis
VIII The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers) and Steve Simpson defeated the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs (Mike Davis and Tommy Lane) and Eric Embry WCCW 4th Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions, May 3, 1987
IX The Rock 'n' Roll Express defeated Midnight Express Starrcade 198711/26/1987 NWA
X Chicky Starr defeated Invader III 1990s WWC Puerto Rico
XI Bobby Eaton/PN News defeated Terrance Taylor/Steve Austin WCW The Great American Bash 1991 06/14/1991
XII Miguel Pérez, Jr. defeated The Iceman 1992 W*ING Scaffold match Shizuoka, Japan
XIII Eric Embry defeated Dirty White Boy 1992 USWA
XIV J.T Smith defeated Dark Patriot ECW Ultra Clash 1993
XV Tommy Dreamer defeated Brian Lee ECW High Incident 1996 October 26, 1996
XVI New Jack defeated Vic Grimes ECW Living Dangerously 2000 03/12/2000
XVII Shane Douglas/Torrie Wilson defeated Kidman/Madusa WCW Fall Brawl 2000 09/17/2000
XVIII New Jack defeated Vic Grimes XPW XPW Freefall February 23, 2002
XIX Supreme defeated Angel XPW Baptized In Blood III: Night Of Champions 07/20/2002
XX Kevin White defeated Bill Dundee 11/29/2003 Memphis
XXI The Messiah defeated Adam Flash/Kaos 12/11/2004 CZW Ladder/scaffold match
XXII Midnight Express defeated The Rock 'n' Roll Express 04/09/2005 CCW
XXIII Rhyno defeated James Storm TNA Destination X 2008 03/09/2008

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