Sandy Partlow is a Native American female professional wrestler.


Sandy Partlow was trained in Kansas City by Betty Nicoli and Bob Geigel.

Sandy Partlow began her career as "Judy Dare" making her debut on June 5, 1969 defeating her mentor Betty Nicoli in Lenox, Iowa.

Switching to "Princess Partlow" (and later her real name) became a regular in Texas, the Midwest territories, Canada, Mexico and All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling.

Partlow also appearances for St. Louis Wrestling Club, American Wrestling Association, Golden Girls Wrestling, West Four Wresting Alliance, Women's Pro Wrestling and finally Pro Wrestling America in Fridley, Minnesota.

Partlow's most successful run was in Texas for Joe Blanchard's Southwest Championship Wrestling where she won the NWA US Women's title.

Sandy joined Pro Wrestling America in 1988 as a manager and wrestler. Sandy managed and mentored Matt Derringer to the PWA Light Heavyweight title on two occasions.

Sandy Partlow was a Cauliflower Alley Club Women's wrestling honoree in 2013.

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    • "Princess"
    • "The Goddess"

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