Sam Houston Coliseum was an indoor arena located in Houston, Texas. The Coliseum and adjacent Music Hall complex replaced the Sam Houston Hall, which was a wooden structure that had been erected on the site for the 1928 Democratic National Convention. Financing for the arena came from The Public Works Administration as part of the New Deal. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on November 4, 1936, and the arena opened its doors to the public one year later in November 1937.

For decades it was the main indoor sports arena for the city of Houston. It was first home to Houston's first hockey team, the Houston Skippers of the United States Hockey League from 1947 to 1949. Later Hockey franchisees in Houston also called it home such as the first incarnation of Houston Aeros, of the World Hockey Association, from 1965- 1969 and later 1972–1975, and the Houston Apollos, of the Central Hockey League, from 1979–1981. On top of the Hockey teams it was the home court to The University of Houston Cougars Men's Basketball teams until they had their own on campus arena and the Houston Mavericks of the American Basketball Association.

The Coliseum was also the home arena of Houston Wrestling, run by Paul Boesch. Jack Brisco defeated Harley Race to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship July 20, 1973.

The Coliseum's most notable event came on November 21, 1963. It was there President John F Kennedy gave his last speech during his election campaign

As with other old arenas of its time, age caught up with it fast. The first signs was when the Rockets of the NBA relocated they refused to step foot in the area, and demanded a new one built for them, The Summit. Ultimately its fate was sealed when it was demolished in 1998 and repalced with a modern Hobby Center for the Performing Arts.


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