The SHINE Nova Championship is a professional wrestling championship created by the American professional wrestling promotion SHINE Wrestling. The Championship was revealed at SHINE 42 on May 12, 2017. The inaugural champion was crowned in a 16-woman tournament that took place over 2 days between July 14th and July 16th, 2017.


The Nova Championship was first announced on SHINE's Facebook account which stated that there will be a championship for up and coming female wrestling talent. The tournament started on July 14 at SHINE 43 and ended on July 16 at SHINE 44.

Championship design

The belt is blue and silver. In the center plate, the SHINE logo is underneath a design of a tiara. The words NOVA and CHAMPION are right under the logo. On the side plates, the SHINE logo sits on top of the globe.

Tournament Bracket

  Qualifiers Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Priscilla Kelly sub  
 Veda Scott    
   Priscilla Kelly sub  
   Leah Vaughan    
 Leah Vaughan sub
 Amanda Carolina Rodriguez    
   Priscilla Kelly sub  
   Kiera Hogan    
 Aja Perera pin  
 Stormie Lee    
   Aja Perera  
   Kiera Hogan pin  
 Kiera Hogan pin
 Shotzi Blackheart    
   Priscilla Kelly sub
   Candy Cartwright  
 Aria Blake pin  
 Dynamite DiDi    
   Aria Blake  
   Jordynne Grace sub  
 Jordynne Grace pin
 La Rosa Negra    
   Jordynne Grace  
   Candy Cartwright pin  
 Candy Cartwright pin  
 Robyn Reid    
   Candy Cartwright bye
 Holidead draw
 Ivelisse draw  

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