Ryuji Ito (April 8, 1976) is a Japanese professional wrestler currently competing in Big Japan Pro Wrestling. He is well known for his death match style of wrestling.


Ito, whose gimmick is reminiscent of the Mortal Kombat icon Liu Kang, has been known for competing in many deathmatches over the span of his career, including a Cage match variation which saw him defeat Kintaro Kanemura. Ito is perhaps most famous for participating in an infamous "Lightube Lightsaber" match in which he fought and defeated Abdullah Kobayashi. The match has since become a hit video among hardcore wrestling fans on the website YouTube.

2008 Ito comepted at IWA East Coast's Masters of Pain, where he lost to Thumbtack Jack in the final after defeating Drake Younger and Danny Havoc. He also wrestled in Chikara at The Global Gauntlet in the same year.

In addition to his gruesome matches, Ito has accumulated several championships over his career while working for both Big Japan Pro Wrestling and Dramatic Dream Team and has also feuded with both Shadow WX and Men's Teioh over his titles, making him a main eventer within both promotions.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Dragon Splash (High–angle frog splash, sometimes onto light tubes)
  • Signature moves
  • 450° splash
  • Dragon Kick (Shining wizard)
  • Moonsault
  • Multiple suplex variations
  • Dragon
  • German
  • Half nelson
  • Northern lights
  • Boston crab
  • Roundhouse kick, sometimes with light tubes on the opponent's face
  • Scissors kick, sometimes with light tubes on the opponent's neck or back
  • scoop slam piledriver
  • Nicknames
  • "The Death Match Dragon"

Championships and accomplishments

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