Ross Greenberg is an American retired Professional wrestler.


Greenberg started out in wrestling in 1991 in the WWF as a Face. However, he didn't reach the high ranks of the WWF, and he was used as a weaker mid/low card jobber (a superstar who make others look good)

Greenberg made his televised debut in a WWF TV-Taping where Earthquake and Tpyhoon defeated Greenberg and other unknown jobber. During late 1991, Greenberg worked two matches at the same night, in where both, Ted DiBiase and Jake "The Snake" Roberts easily squashed him. After this, he disappeared from the WWF.

Greenberg returned to the WWF after his sixth-month hiatus, at a WWF TV-Taping where he drew in a match against The Retriever.

Greenberg was featured in tag-team matches during the following years, but primarily, in singles matches. His first and last victory came in mid-1993, when he defeated fellow jobber La Gore at a WWF TV-Taping.

In late 1997, Greenberg teamed with Brian Walsh in a loss to Alex Roma and Paul Roma episode of WWF Shotgun Saturday Night.

Greenberg wrestled his last match in 1999, in where he teamed with Julio Sanchez in a loss to The Hardy Boys. Greenberg dediced to retire from Wrestling, and follow a career as a producer in the NBO.

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